среда, 9 февраля 2011 г.


OK, here is the deal: you post here delicious untranslated stories and I try to do something with them. This works in both direction: Russian=>English, English=>Russian. Второе у меня получается лучше, конечно же.

The marmoset

Better don't try this. Keep away from any of all those divinations and invokings. One time was enough for me to understand, that this never leads to anything good. Ive read lots of creepy-threads before, but never was as scared as that time.
It happened in middle-9U'th. I have found a thin underground-published broushure titled "Invoking Spirits Rituals" in bookshelf lfelt very interested in what Ive seen inside and desided to try tirst described method. It needed to draw a round with some marks on a sheet of paper (pic related). Then you have to put a needle with a thread in it into a center of round, take thread in your hand and stretch it so that the needle touches the paper and stands vertically. Then you'II have to ask a question aloud and lower your hand for a tiny bit. Elowing niddle shall show you the answer. If needle doesnt stay in pIace,just freeze until it finally stops.
Now I'II talk you about that seance.
That was a usual December evening. When I got home from school, presents still were at work. I placed everything necessary on a table, turned on a table lamp and turned off all the other lights at home. First I asked some rubbish like "wiII I ever get rich" or "wiII I see the Pyramids". Then I started worrying - it seemed that the moves ofthe needle are not random. Then I asked: "ifthere is anyone exept me in this room?". The needle indicated "yes". Suddenly I heard some creak from a bookshelf, like the sound of old glue cracking,
showering. Iturned my sight to the bookshelf, but nothing was there except an old plushy marmoset in pink blouse. She was there as long as I remember myself
But tthe noise went from there. I turned away from the lamp to let my eyes get used to darkness and took another sight. Then lwas creeped out. The marmoset looked at me. No, really, even her head was turned to me! I was frozen and barely understanding what is going on. In my eyes it started moving its limb! With horrid sound of cracking glue it raised its limb until it havent stop pointing on me.
I threw away the needle and ran away from my room, turned lights on everywhere, made loud the TV. All that evening lfelt too scaried to go to my room. Even remaining at home was terrifying, but I felt much worse about going out somewhere. So I seated in front of screaming TV, understanding, though, that it even makes me feel more lonely in empty house. Then my parents came. I told with them in a kitchen a bit, and then finally invented some reason to invite them into my room. The marmoset still sat with raised hand.
Later I asked my mother to take it away from my room. During the next week I slept with
lights on and had not a single night without nightmares.